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Nom Cantin
Prénom JF
Résumé Jean-François Cantin's is among the first generation of Canadian artist to be involved in video installation and performance. Cantin's video installations and public space’s interventions question the exhibition site as a place where ideas are produced, presented, and perceived. Cantin's productions synthesize natural effects of light and technological-produced imagery in such a way they become poetic phenomena that cause us to question our perceptual relation to space and time. Cantin’s has exhibited in Canada and abroad, among others : the Museum of Contemporary Arts of Montreal, the Museum of Holography of New York, the Museum of Fine Arts of Clermont-Ferrand. He also has realized numerous permanent installations in public spaces : the Montreal Congress Hall, the Mc Gill University of Montreal, and the Theater of the National Monument of Montreal.

Cantin’s lives and works in the city of Montreal, in the Canadian French province of Québec.

     Cantin describes his work as organic-technology ; devices which integrate high technology (video display, robotic) with low technology (natural physical and optical phenomenon). He is also gifted with a unique perspective and insight on the brief history of computer art, and its filiations with the history of fine art in general
-Thomas Charveriat, artistic director Island6 Art Center, Shanghai, Hong Kong, China.
Date de naissance 12 mars 1958
Lieu de naissance Montreal
Nationalité Canadian
Mouvement Perceptuel
Societe de gestion des droits d'auteur Non